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Helpful documents and links for Parents, Teachers and Members of the PTO to reference the organization's meetings, by-laws, newsletters, district news, inserts sent home and more. (Newsletters, meeting minutes, standing rules etc. will be added as released.)

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JLD PTO By-Laws and Standing Rules:

Newsletters, Inserts, Digital Shares & more: 

August 2021

September/ October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

January 2022

Archive Reference

Dolphin News - Coming Soon!

2021-2022 Meetings: Minutes and Handouts

Agenda will be posted before and Minutes will be posted after each Meeting Date. 

1st Qtr Meeting Minutes - 2021-2022

Membership Meeting - 1st Qtr

Membership Meeting - 2nd Qtr

Membership Meeting via ZOOM- 3rd Qtr

3rd Qtr Meeting Minutes - 2021-2022 (COMING SOON)

Membership Meeting - 4th Qtr

4th Qtr Member Meeting - Agenda (COMING SOON)
4th Qtr Meeting Minutes - 2021-2022 (COMING SOON)


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