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Everything you need to know about our School's Spring FundraiSer! 

What can you do to help? 

And be sure to return your students permission slip to the school by Feb. 28th! 

Why are we doing it? 

James L Dennis PTO helps raise funds to support the school to fill gaps and provide extras that our tax dollars don't cover - from updating school equipment and technology to providing STEM activities, educational software, school-wide events, and even helping with continuing education opportunities for our teachers to be the best of the best! Previous years funds have helped secure new playground equipment and many improvements that we would have otherwise gone without. Our goals for the funds we raise this year include procuring upgraded equipment for our school (like new risers for the stage, replacing broken sound equipment + replacing or updating old and broken technology around the school that will benefit EACH student and their daily experience.) However, we also do the color run because it’s fun!!  

What is a "Color  Run"? 

Good Question! It's a run for defined length or time where participants have the fun element of colored powder being squirted at them in intervals along the running path. It's super cool. You may have seen images of large color run events on the internet, but for a better idea of what we do at JLD - we have some pictures and videos of the JLD Color Run from last year linked below. The colored powder consists of corn starch and is colored with FDA Approved coloring - which means it's safe to ingest. Most of the time the color can wash out of clothing, but the PTO will provide each child with a T-shirt and glasses to wear during their sprint. We do however still suggest sending your kids to school this day in clothes that are okay getting dirty. *Some students also like having a hankercheif (to wear robber style during the run) and a pair of goggles instead of using the glasses. 


Video Snips From Last Year: PreK and K Start - 1st Grade Starting Line Toss

Powder Ingredients HERE


Our school is supported by a dedicated PTO that coordinates both volunteer opportunities and fundraising efforts to benefit our children and the school community as a whole. Funds raised are used to purchase the “extras” we want for our children that are not funded by state or local taxes. PTO also helps bridge the gap by providing essential classroom supplies and teacher resources.

Please consider joining the PTO - we are stronger together!

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