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JLD Care Share Information

November 18th - December 4th, 2019


UPDATE 12/5/19 

We had a truly amazing response to our CareShare efforts this year!

All of the children our school adopted have been taken care of and provided for (at or above the $75 per child guideline given)! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the time and energy spent on picking out presents AND the generosity in donating funds to help make sure these children in need had presents for Christmas morning. Every child recieved a combination of toys, clothes, a winter hat & gloves, plus items on thier wish list -  all because of you!!  (This program never ceases to humble me and warm my heart to it's core. It reminds me of how blessed I am to be a part of the truly awesome community we have here at James L. Dennis Elementary.) Please know that you didn't just provide tangible gifts to these families, but also the gift of HOPE during a time when they needed it most. Thank you Dennis Dolphins for all you do and all you give. In this most magical of seasons, may the spirit of love and gratitude fill your hearts and homes.

During the holiday season, each classroom at James L Dennis Elementary adopts a child in need through the Putnam City Schools CareShare program. Please help us provide simple gifts and needed items to these children in our community who need it most. Together, we can bring joy to children who would otherwise not have anything to unwrap on Christmas morning.


On November 18th -thru- December 4th there will be a CareShare bin outside the classroom where donations can be turned-in. *Please only send new and unwrapped items. We aim to collect a combination of clothing, toys, and/or personal items. Please see the flyer for your student's classroom for details on your adopted child's clothing size and wish list. 

Want to help, but don’t have time to shop? You can donate money to the cause and PTO will go shopping for any items still needed at the end of the collection process. Donate Online by using the button above, or via the app. You can also send cash or checks (made out to “JLD PTO”) to the school in an envelope labled as “CareShare”. 

Thank you for your generosity!  

-Happy Holidays Dennis Dolphins- 

Adopted Child Flyer (by Classroom)

Click on your teacher's name below for information about the child your class adopted, including clothing size and shopping ideas! 



Mrs. Armstrong

Mrs. Schoolcraft



Mrs. Goetz

Mrs. Reasnor

Mrs. Stuber

Mrs. VanOsdol

1st Grade

Mrs. King

Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Sade

2nd Grade

Mrs. Burdick

Mrs. Fairsheets

Mrs. Rowland

Mrs. Rupe


3rd Grade

Mrs. Howe

Mrs. Huffines

Mrs. Spencer


4th Grade

Mrs. Steinhoff

Mrs. Townsend

Mrs. Woods


5th Grade

Mrs. Barbour

Mrs. Becker

Mr. Phillips

Mrs. Searl


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