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 About the PTO 

Your Dennis PTO members are parents and teachers, just like YOU!

JLD PTO is dedicated to making Dennis Elementary a pinnacle elementary school by helping provide community events, extracurricular programs, fundraising and memories that will last our kids a lifetime! 


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We know you'll love Dennis as much as we do

and we look forward to meeting your family this year!

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We have many opportunities for leadership available, and would love to have your help!

Please consider volunteering to make one of these sponsored days/activities happen! 



Our school is supported by a dedicated PTO that coordinates both volunteer opportunities and fundraising efforts to benefit our children and the school community as a whole. Funds raised are used to purchase the “extras” we want for our children that are not funded by state or local taxes. PTO also helps bridge the gap by providing essential classroom supplies and teacher resources.

James L Dennis Elementary

 11800 James L Dennis Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Office #: 405-722-6510

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